my dark side

The Final Act

Right, then, let's sort this out, shall we?

I deleted this journal after some unfortunate incidents wherein it was basically used as a means to attack me. No more needs to be said about that, the less said the better basically, but let me explain that I decided - rather than delete it and lose all my memories - to keep it here, and keep it all friends-locked to prevent that sort of thing happening again. So I locked the whole thing, except icon posts, and it's staying.

But I am going to be updating from henceforth in moonpromise, as some of you already know. I actually mean it this time, this account is no longer in use, it's simply sitting here so I don't lose two year's worth of memories. Feel free to remove it from your f-lists if you are so inclined :) The same said for elf_wench.

My journal now consist of:
1. moonpromise, my basic, jump-on-board, everyone's-welcome, largely public journal.
2. seagreenish, emo and angst journal, invite only, so don't try if you're not already on there. Sorry.
3. fatalmoon, all creativity, writing, drawing, photography &c. All in one place. Feel free to join, but posting is restricted to me alone, because I'm an elitist bitch.
4. not_your_forte, a project I share with ohruby JOIN, WENCHES.

Plus two others, if you know of them, you know of them; enough said.

So. Yeah. That's my LJ life... hope everybody is ok and hasn't missed me too too much *grins*
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